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Swap meet ads are free to MC members. Please limit swap meet ads to one per issue per member and to 35 words or less. Ads will appear once and must be resubmitted for each additional issue. Ads appear on our website, in the OnlyWay and in the eOnlyWay.

For an additional $15 we will include a photograph of you car or item.

For others and for commercial suppliers the rate is $10 for 35 words or less. Additional words are 30 cents each. Deadline dates are the same as for the other CC WORLD items which are found in the AD RATES area of this website.

If you are not a member (or a member paying for additional words or photo) you can submit the ad here and then pay for ad by using our credit card/PayPal form or our secured ordering area or mailing payment to: Mazda Club, 5433 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60640   U.S.A.

Please specify:  Member  or Non-member:(ads are only free to members, see above for rates)

Membership Number (if known and a member):

Best way to contact you regarding the submission of this ad (this will not appear in ad itself):
Email address: (preferred), or
Home Ph.:
, or
    Business Ph.
: ,or
    Cell/Other Ph.:, or

Classified Ad Submission - free ad limited to 35 word or less
 (just as you want it to appear with contact information):

To send photo, submit the wording above, then attach the photo to an email to: (remember photos are an additional $15)



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