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AMGBA Meet in Sussex, Wisconsin

The American MGB Association held it’s 32nd annual meet on June 20th at Sussex, a northwest suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The show was at Sussex Village Park. The cars were stage in a bowl-like setting which made it easier to view all of the entries. The event was held in conjunction with the annual British Car Field Day which has been in existence for many years. The gathering is also a benefit for the Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee and the Boy Scouts of America.

The AMGBA Officers met in Milwaukee the day before the event.  Bruce Magers and I drove up on Saturday afternoon to meet Margie Springer and her daughter, Joanna Garvey.  We had a great time seeing some to the sites of Milwaukee including the Art Museum, the rivers walk where there was a statue of Fonzie from the Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley TV shows that were set in Milwaukee and a great dinner near at Smyths near the Harley Davidson Museum.

The one day show on Fathers Day drew approximately 250 cars representing numerous British marques. MG’s dominated the field with a strong showing of Triumphs and Austin Healys as well as smaller groups of Jaguars,Land Rovers and Sunbeams.

The show featured a low-key popular vote which worked well and everyone seemed to enjoy. The best of show went to a pre-war 1932 J2 MG Midget owned by John Morris which was restored to its original beauty. All of the winners drove up to the reviewing stand to receive their awards from the shows sponsors. Margie Springer handed out the AMGBA awards.

The local boy Scouts provided food and drinks for the hungry crowd estimated at 400+.

The AMGBA officers were kept busy signing up new members and handling regalia sales at the official “tent ” headquarters.

The AMGBA wishes to thank John Stockinger and his staff for hosting this fine event. For information on next year’s event or on the American MGB Association, please contact the AMGBA, P. O. Box 11401, Chicago, IL 60611; phone: (773) 878-5055; email:  meet@mgclub.org ; website: www.mgclub.org .

Bruce Magers with Joanna Garvey

The 3 Officers with the statue of Fonzie along the Milwaukee River

Milwaukee Art Institute

Margie taking a photo at the Art Institute

3rd place rubber bumper B - '75 of Ed & Julie Polonus

1st place chrome bumper – ’67 of Wayne Everhard 3rd place rubber bumper B – ’75 of Ed & Julie Polonus being given award by AMGBA secretary, Margie Springer with AMGBA officers Frank Ochal and Bruce Magers on far left

Joanna Gafrvey, Bruce Magers, Margie Springer and Frank Ochal at Milwaukee Art Institute

AMGBA Tent at Meet 2010
AMGBA Tent at Meet 2010

1st place GT - '68 of David Nordby

2 AMGBA Officers (Frank Ochal, Margie Springer & Bruce Magers with Fonzie) in Milwaukee

1st place GT – ’68 of David Nordby AMGBA Officers Frank Ochal, Margie Springer & Bruce Magers in Milwaukee (with Fonzie)

American MGB Association Meet 2010 Announced


Contact: The American MGB Association at 773-878-5055, meet@mgclub.org or www.mgclub.org

The American MGB Association’s 33rd Annual Meet – AMGBA MEET 2010 – for the MGB, MGB-GT & Midget – Sussex, Wisconsin – June 20. 2010.

MG sports car production as we know it was discontinued in 1980 with the closing of  the famed Abingdon-On-Thames works in the United Kingdom. But these modern  day classics are being preserved forever here in North America by members of the American MGB Association. There recently has been renewed enthusiasm with the introduction of new MG models in Asia.

Headquartered in Chicago, the AMGBA serves enthusiastic MGB, MGB-GT, and MG Midget owners throughout the USA, Canada and throughout the world. Each year, the AMGBA holds its National Meet.

The 1978 initial gathering was held in Chicago. In 1979 and 1980 the  AMGBA National Conventions were held in New York state, in Ithaca and Glens Falls. The organization’s growth and success led to renting the world famous  Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway in 1981 for that year’s AMGBA National  Convention. In 1982, the AMGBA held its first National Convention outside  the USA in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In the years 1983 and 1984, the AMGBA went west for the first time in Lake Tahoe, California and Boulder,  Colorado. In 1985, the AMGBA held two conventions in Santa Barbara,  California and Abingdon, Illinois. In 1986, we visited Texas during its 150 year anniversary in San Antonio, Texas and in 1987 we visited the Saratoga  Springs area of beautiful upstate New York. In 1988, the convention site was Kansas City, Missouri. In 1989, we visited the Great Northwest part of our country in Springfield, Oregon.

In 1990 the convention was held in Atlanta, Georgia which was a first for the Southeast portion of the country. In 1991 we returned to the site of our first convention in Chicago and in 1992, we returned to the West Coast to the beautiful San Francisco Bay area in Palo Alto, California. In  1993,  we traveled to New England at  Keene, New Hampshire / Westminster, Vermont, the site of the Westminster MG Museum.  In 1994, we went for the first time to the San Diego, California area at the world famous Del Mar race track.  In 1995 we went to Memphis, Tennessee, home of the blues and the Graceland Mansion of Elvis Presley.  In 1996 we joined with all of the major MG clubs in North America for MG Indy ’96 in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Indy 500 track. In 1997 we were on the West Coast in the San Francisco area at Palo Alto, California. In 1998, we were in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Lake Campus of Davidson College. In 1999, we went  to Los Angeles, California.

In 2000, we went to Armagh, Pennsylvania and joined with the TRF Summer Party and in 2001 we were in Houston, Texas for the Houston MG Club’s All British Motor Vehicle Exposition. In 2002 we again went to the San Francisco, California area for the Palo Alto British Car Meet. For 2003 we visited Florida and the Space Coast in Titusville, Florida. In 2004, we visited picturesque Cape Cod in Massachusetts for the Cape Cod British Car Club’s British Legends Weekend. In 2005, we were in San Diego, California at Fairbrook Farms in Bonsall for San Diego British Car Day. We were in Maryland in 2006 at the MGs on the Rocks Show and in 2007 we went to Charlotte, North Carolina at the MGs on the Green Show. In 2008 we were in Armagh, Pennsylvania with The Roadster Factory Summer Party and for 2009 we planned for a show n the Central Valley of California.

And for 2010 we will be for the first time in Wisconsin for the British Car Field Day just outside of Milwaukee. Join us for a great time!
It promises to be a great time and a memorable experience for all that attend.

For more information contact the above, write to the American MGB Association, P.O. Box 11401, Chicago, IL 60611, call 773-878-5055, email us at meet@mgclub.org or explore our web site at www.mgclub.org.