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American MGB Association Dinner and Meeting May 16

The American MGB Association had all the principal officers of the Club in Chicago at the same time on May 16, 2022. We held a meeting to renew acquaintances in person instead of phone, text or email. Margie Springer, Bruce Magers and myself (Frank Ochal) were there.

We discussed many thing but the primary focus was to discuss the future of the club. This had been in discussion for quite a while. It was decided to no longer produce a printed magazine because of the change to electronic magazines, the rising costs of printing and postage, the continuing pandemic fears and the aging of the volunteer staff.

Members will continue to receive the Octagon publication by email only.

Bruce Magers will be retiring his role as Regalia Chairmen and Treasurer. Margie Springer will be retiring from the position of AMGBA Secretary. I will continue to maintain the membership as all members will be converted to eMembers,