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2017 Chicago auto show, Birthday dinner, new car and more!

My annual visit to the Chicago Auto Show occurred in February 2017  with the American MGB Association.   Bruce Magers birthday was celebrated at Prime and Provision where the food and atmosphere was great.  Also shown is a Cubs World Series pennant at my mother’s grave, Margies birthday shirt, White Sox opening day and the 2017 British Car Autojumble in Wheaton, Illinois.

I purchased a 2017 Honda CR-V Touring as a result of comparisons at the show in May .


White Sox Opening Day

White Sox opening day Tailgating before the White Sox game One of the best days ever at a baseball game.   It started with perfect weather in the mid 70s and ended with a White Sox victory.

In between there was the tailgating before the game which is getting increasingly popular as they have now allowed in the parking lots for a number of years. Thanks to Pete and his friends for a great feast before the game.

There also was the best defensive play I have ever seen by a pitcher when Mark Buerhle fielded a play hit off his leg that went into foul territory by throwing a strike to Paul Konerko backhanded between his legs.  What a great time at the ballpark and the White Sox won 6 to nothing.